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By using new technologies and considering newest findings in regards to usability and ergonomics, esoDigitales simplifies the whole evaluation process tremendously so the work is being reduced considerably. esoDigitales therefore puts an emphasis on lowering labor time and staff workload.

As a result you will find esoDigitales to be a mobile evaluation system of the latest generation, combining all positive features of the evaluation systems available today and therefore advancing to the universal evaluation system.

Accredited by PTB!


esoDigitalesII-ergoTouch is the new addition to esoDigitales and sets new standards in digital case data evaluation.

In regards to usability, ergonomics and efficiency, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

Whether in the vehicle or centrally, the evaluation is performed via a user interface. This technology has proven over the past years and can now be integrated into esoDigitales. The new highly ergonomic devices make the evaluation far more comfortable and reduce the required worktime to a fraction.

All aspects of the user interface can be controlled with the touch of a finger, through keyboard or mouse.

New shortcut buttons offer the possibility to execute multiple commands with a single finger stroke.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and hardware recommendations for ergoTouch.


esoDigitalesII-Professional was developed for evaluating digital traffic monitoring data in cooperation with users and enforcement offices. esoDigitalesII-Professional is the successor to esoDigitales which did set standards in evaluating analog images.

The system minimizes the evaluation process, resulting in staff and worktime relief.

esoDigitalesII-Professional sets new standards when it comes to evaluating digital speed measurement data. By developing new modular components and implementing a finely grained security concept, this evaluation system satifies the highest quality requirements. Mobility - evaluation can be done in the vehicle - as well as multi-language support and a variety of configuration options offer a high amount of flexibility.

System requirements



esoDigitalesII-Professional is supported by H&L Software on the following editions of Windows 10:
Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.
esoDigitalesII-Professional is supported on the in-market supported Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) servicing branches only and will be supported for the lifetime of the app until 12/31/2020.


Speed enforcement unit with real-time data

checkPoint delivers all the advantages of digital technology to speed enforcement units pulling over speeding vehicles. After a speed measurement data is transmitted via 3G or WIFI in real-time from a control unit to a recipient at the location where vehicles are pulled over. This received data is made available for checking and further processing. Using touch screen or keyboard, measurement data can comfortably be displayed and additional data easily be added. This encrypted data can be linked to the original measurement data and made available in esoDigitalesII.


esoDigitales3-viewer – the universal viewer for the speed measurement devices ES 3.0, ES 7.0 und ES 8.0

The reference evaluation software esoDigitales3-viewer which is installed on the reference evaluation computer, ensures the legally sound displaying of the case data.

esoDigitales3-viewer is used to display the traffic situation as well as the the measured speed, the side distance and other additional data.

The reference evaluation computer with esoDigitales3-viewer has been certified by the PTB in the design verification certificate for the speed measurement device Single-Side Sensor ES 8.0, and therefore has become an invaluable tool for any traffic expert witness!

A must-have for judges, expert witnesses and experts!

System requirements



esoDigitalesII-Reader was developed for displaying and searching of esoDigitales export files and offers the user fast and comfortable access to this data. The user interface is very easy to learn.

In detail, esoDigitalesII-Reader features:

  • Selection of the directory of export files with an integrated history function
  • Extensive search options to easily find a record
  • Displaying information about the record and the esoDigitales export file
  • Displaying multiple export files for direct browsing
  • Individual application configuration
  • Support for multiple languages


No wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to provide encrypted data in XML format in esoDigitalesII-Converter. The fast overview and the simple handling of records are second only to the impressive conversion throughput.

The clearing for specifically the devices you use ensures that your record data can not be published uncontrolledly in an unencrypted format.

The simple XML format lets you access data directly, e.g. for displaying in web browers.

Your success

esoDigitales and esoDigitalesII were developed by eso, smf and H&L Software GmbH, in cooperation with enforcement agencies and users of traffic monitoring film evaluation systems.

Combining the know-how of the three companies

eso GmbH

in reliable traffic monitoring solutions

H&L Software GmbH

in individual software development

allows for an ideal knowledge transfer in every single component of esoDigitales and esoDigitalesII.


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